1. All-Male Boards Rule at Hot Chinese Companies from Xiaomi to Nio

    All-Male Boards Rule at Hot Chinese Companies from Xiaomi to Nio

    (Bloomberg) — Warren Buffett-backed carmaker BYD Co., Nike-rival ANTA Sports Products Ltd. and Nasdaq-listed retailer JD.com are all emblematic of the global heft of China’s companies. The Chinese giants have another thing in common: None of them have women on their boards...

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    1. It's quite apparent that we are very behind.
    2. Many companies here have an archaic concept of the role of boards.
    3. We are committed to creating a more diverse workforce at every level within our organization.
    4. It brings a broader collection of experience, viewpoints and backgrounds which result in better decision-making.
    5. Promoting board diversity (with a particular emphasis on gender) will remain a priority to the Exchange.
    6. There is this massive ESG trend that I don't think any company can really ignore.
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