1. Highest-Paid Women Still Earn Less Than Male Counterparts

    Highest-Paid Women Still Earn Less Than Male Counterparts

    Even women who climb their way to corporate America's highest ranks are paid less than their male counterparts, new research confirms. The highest-paid senior executive women earned 84.6 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts in 2019, according to a study of corporate disclosures released Wednesday by Morningstar Inc., a financial services research firm...

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    1. What we're seeing at the top is really the tip of the iceberg.
    2. There's two gaps here, one is the pay gap and one is the representation gap, and the representation gap, according to other research, gets more and more pronounced the further up the corporate ladder we go.
    3. It has been incrementally improving, but it's taking a long time.
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