1. Activist Shareholder Stirs up US Cable Business

    Activist Shareholder Stirs up US Cable Business

    Comcast Corp.'s stock performance amid the coronavirus pandemic is a tale of two diverging business segments, a dilemma that has attracted the attention of activist investor Trian Fund Management LP. The hedge fund, which describes itself as "a highly engaged shareowner," bought up 20 million shares of Comcast, the largest U.S. cable operator. A Trian spokesperson said it believes Comcast's stock is undervalued...

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    1. We have recently begun what we believe are constructive discussions with Comcast's management team.
    2. Trian tends to focus on assets where there is a potential to unlock value through a break-up or divestiture.
    3. There are obvious things that Comcast could do that would move the stock substantially.
    4. Hard to imagine they [Trian] can get Comcast to do much.
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