1. Women Now Make up a Third of FTSE 350 Board Members

    Women Now Make up a Third of FTSE 350 Board Members

    Women account for more than a third of board members across the UK’s top 350 companies for the first time, new figures show – yet four in 10 of the businesses failed to reach the target. Representation of women in the FTSE 350 has risen by 3.8% in the last year, but 19 of the FTSE 250 companies have just one female board member...

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    1. While I am pleased that the FTSE 350 as a whole has finally hit this historic landmark, more than 100 of the UK's top companies have failed to meet the target.
    2. Recognising the significant impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic on all business activities, it is encouraging to see the number of women at the top of British business continue to increase.
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