1. NextCure Inc. Adds John G. Houston, Ph.D., to Board

    NextCure Inc. Adds John G. Houston, Ph.D., to Board

    NextCure, Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTC) today announced the appointment of John G. Houston, Ph.D., to its board of directors as of September 10, 2020...

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    1. John is an important addition to our Board of Directors. His deep expertise in discovery biology and product development will support NextCure as we work diligently to advance our ongoing NC318 and NC410 clinical trials, as well as our preclinical programs.
    2. We are delighted to welcome him to NextCure and look forward to benefiting from his insights, which we believe will help us advance our goal of bringing novel immunomedicines to patients. We would like to thank Judith for her counsel and support since our inception.
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