1. SEC Cancels Vote on Whistleblower Rule Changes

    SEC Cancels Vote on Whistleblower Rule Changes

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has canceled a scheduled vote on proposed rules that would restructure its Dodd-Frank Act mandated whistleblower reward program. This is the second time the vote on the proposed changes has been canceled...

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    1. We hope that the Commission is using this additional time to ensure that the proposed changes do not harm a program that is fast becoming the most successful whistleblower reward program in the United States.
    2. Given the tremendous success of the program, the SEC cannot justify any changes to the rules that would undercut whistleblower protections. You cannot knee-cap a program that is helping small investors and keeping Wall Street Honest.
    3. We hope that this postponement is an indication that the Commission is trying to do the right thing in addressing a number of complex issues.
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