1. BofA Appoints Two New Directors

    BofA Appoints Two New Directors

    Bank of America appointed two new board members, Clayton Rose and Pierre de Weck, expanding the the board’s size to 15 members. Frontier Communications elected Virginia P. Ruesterholz, former president of Verizon Services Operations, to the board of directors. First Solar appointed Sharon Allen to the board.

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    1. Clayton and Pierre are strong leaders who understand the operations of global financial institutions. Their joining the board enhances the already strong diversity of experience our board contributes to the benefit of shareholders.
    2. Virginia Ruesterholz had a leading role in developing Verizon's network, technology and growth strategies. Her in-depth knowledge of communications—wireline, IP, video, and more—and expertise in all aspects of operations and customer and vendor support—will help Frontier enhance shareholder and customer value.
    3. I'm pleased to welcome Allen to the board. He brings extensive experience in our industry, highlighted by his service as the CEO of several large publicly traded retailers. Allen's expertise in customer service, merchandising, marketing and finance, will be a great benefit for all of our stakeholders.
    4. We are extremely pleased to welcome Tracy as a member of TeleTech's board of directors.
    5. I'm very pleased to welcome Jim to his new role as vice chairman of the FASB.
    6. We are pleased that Larry, Stacy and Phoebe have agreed to join our board of directors.
    7. We are delighted to have Dawn join NVIDIA's board of directors.
    8. Sheila will be a great addition to the OGE board.
    9. Ana brings an international perspective and a high level of financial expertise to our company.
    10. Carl is one of the pre-eminent business leaders in the digital business space, and we are delighted he has joined Dunkin' Brands' board of directors.
    11. We welcome Brian Cartwright as the newest member of our board of directors.
    12. We are delighted that Wendell will become CEO of Intevac.
    13. Jim is well regarded for his leadership of managed care Medicaid populations.
    14. We're very pleased to welcome Ken to our board.
    15. We are extremely pleased to have Robyn join our board.
    16. Rod's experience as a senior executive at one of the world's largest innovation and technology companies will be important to UPS as we execute our transformative, global strategies.
    17. Cindy is an outstanding executive and will be a terrific addition to our board of directors.
    18. Kathy brings a wealth of global marketing experience and knowledge to our board. We are so pleased that she has joined the Texas Roadhouse family.
    19. Brad adds to the already strong talent and diverse expertise represented on our Board.
    20. Peggy is an exemplary executive who will bring extensive technology expertise and an incredible international record to our accomplished and experienced group of directors.
    21. We are very excited to have Dinesh join our Board.
    22. John, Susan and Rob are terrific individual leaders with prestigious careers and significant global experience. Each will be a tremendous asset to GMCR as we continue to drive single-serve beverage category expansion and pursue growth opportunities leveraging the strength of our Keurig® brewing technology.
    23. We are fortunate to add someone of Admiral Donald's experience, expertise and integrity to our board of directors.
    24. Phil's transportation industry background, global market insights, financial acumen and strategic expertise make him an ideal choice to help guide LoJack's further development as a global brand, providing safety, security and protection products for the automotive aftermarket.
    25. We welcome Greg to the Hittite board and believe his experience and background is well suited to serve Hittite's needs as we implement our strategy for the future.
    26. After a responsible and deliberate selection process by the board of directors, we are delighted that Lynn will become our next president and CEO.
    27. We are pleased to have Ray join the Diamond team.
    28. Angus is a respected biopharmaceutical industry leader with a proven track record in specialty pharmaceuticals.
    29. We're delighted to welcome Michael to our management team.
    30. With more than 25 years of broad experience, Marty brings with him an exceptional management, finance and audit background, and we're fortunate to have him join our board.
    31. I am delighted to welcome Sharon John as Build-A-Bear Workshop chief executive officer and chief president bear and believe she is a perfect fit for our company.
    32. I sincerely wish to thank Gilles Pélisson who accompanied and advised us during the last 12 years and I welcome Elizabeth Bastoni, whose competencies as regards to human resources will complement those of the other board members
    33. Ann Mather and Michael Zeisser are perfect additions to Shutterfly's board of directors, bringing their deep knowledge of eCommerce & consumer brands in the U.S. and abroad.
    34. NACD is an increasingly valuable asset to corporate boards, especially as regulators, investors and stakeholders closely scrutinize boardroom decisions.
    35. We are very excited Mindy is joining our board of directors.
    36. We are extremely pleased that Sandy has joined PolyOne's board of directors and will bring her strategic insights, experience and perspectives to our already strong board.
    37. Ed's depth of experience, judgment, and understanding of our business strategy make him the perfect choice to lead our board.
    38. ADI is fortunate to have an executive of Vince's caliber assume the leadership of our company.
    39. Brian is a strong leader with a passion for technology and deep understanding of the business.
    40. I am very pleased to welcome Christine to the QLogic board of directors.
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