1. For SoftBank's Son, Coronavirus Turns Vision to Illusion

    For SoftBank's Son, Coronavirus Turns Vision to Illusion

    (Reuters) - SoftBank Group Corp <9984.T> founder Masayoshi Son's dream of a global tech empire is unravelling, with the coronavirus crisis compounding losses at his $100 billion Vision Fund and distress at his big bets portending more pain...

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    1. The Vision Fund has been a mess. It has been a case of an organisation with too much money just splashing it around without doing enough due diligence.
    2. As partners with a long-term view, we have discussions with (SoftBank) on ways to best optimise the fund's performance as we all navigate these difficult economic times.
    3. I don't think the Vision Fund has worked out quite the way many anticipated.
    4. In November, SoftBank indicated that about 15 of the Vision Fund companies would likely go bankrupt. Clearly the world has changed since November.
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