1. SoftBank Says Moody’s Rating Is ‘Biased and Mistaken’

    SoftBank Says Moody’s Rating Is ‘Biased and Mistaken’

    Moody’s chopped its rating on SoftBank Group debt by two notches Wednesday. The move came as a surprise to the Japanese telecom giant, which responded by asking Moody’s to withdraw all of its ratings on the company , arguing that the ratings agency has “biased and mistaken views.” The spat comes at a surprising moment. SoftBank shares (ticker: SFTBY) have had a big run over the last few days, up 55% since Friday...

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    1. Moody's said that the downgrade reflects SoftBank's
    2. There is no rationale for a two-notch downgrade.
    3. Moody's action entirely fails to take into account [the company's] position regarding implementation of asset sales/monetization and reduction of indebtedness as a means to improving [SoftBank Group's] credit.
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