1. A Push To Get More Women On Corporate Boards Gains Momentum

    A Push To Get More Women On Corporate Boards Gains Momentum

    ... five board members are women, according to Equilar, which tracks corporate governance data. And it says nearly one in 10 boards have no women...

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    1. The reason I was brought on board to the Adesto board is because I had the IoT experience. That background is there for me, so I'm actually being asked to give my voice quite a bit.
    2. I think there was this halo effect simply because the topic has been discussed so much more in the last year or two.
    3. I look back at the IPOs [initial public offerings] over the last four years and the performance of IPOs where there's been a woman on the board in the U.S. is significantly better than the performance of IPOs where there hasn't been a woman on the board.
    4. We have four women out of 11. We have a black lead director. I really value the diverse perspectives I'm getting which are helping me run the company.
    5. That's where I think the history has led to mostly male boards.
    6. I'm not taking on any more boards. I've got plenty. But if people come to me with opportunities, I want to be able to point to four, five, or six different women.
    7. The law violates the 14th Amendment's promise of equal treatment before the law. And it actually forces people to make decisions on the basis of sex.
    8. There's a 30% rule. When you have a minimum of 30%, that's when you see a transformation of culture and a true transformation of how business operates.
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