1. Boeing's Ousted CEO Could Get $26.5 Million Golden Parachute

    Boeing's Ousted CEO Could Get $26.5 Million Golden Parachute

    Former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg's 2019 has included a second deadly 737 Max jet crash, several missed safety warnings, brutal Congressional grillings, blown deadlines, an airplane-production halt, and now a multi-million-dollar golden parachute...

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    1. I would be shocked if Muilenburg was fired for cause, because then you are admitting that other stuff has gone on.
    2. It's been one problem after another after another.
    3. The company doesn't want Muilenburg's exit to look too easy, or create the impression that they let him stay for too long, and the latter is already going to be a question.
    4. Boeing's board would be under a lot of pressure not to provide anything new to Muilenburg as part of his exit package.
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