1. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance hosts panel on disclosure model

    Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance hosts panel on disclosure model

    2:34 p.m., June 14, 2013--According to a powerhouse panel of nonprofit executives and corporate governance experts from the legal and academic communities, a model of disclosure created by Sheffield Hale, former chief counsel of the American Cancer

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    1. As the American Cancer Society was rethinking their governance and moving from one model to another, Sheffield had the idea that transparency was critical.
    2. Nonprofits are huge organizations and the governance has really been in question, This was evident in the scandals over the last couple years like the reorganization of American Red Cross, issues at American University, even at the Smithsonian.
    3. Nonprofits fulfill an important role, There has never been a more difficult, more challenging and complex environment than we have now.
    4. I want to make certain we don't indict the entire industry because there are an exponential number of things that are working well, That being said, certain principles should apply and they should take into account the context and size of the organizations.