1. Hurdles Remain One Year After California Passes Law Mandating Women in Boardrooms

    Hurdles Remain One Year After California Passes Law Mandating Women in Boardrooms

    California led the way last year with a pioneering law requiring publicly traded companies headquartered in the state to have at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019. But a year after then-Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed the measure into law, data indicate that boosting the number of women on boards of directors may be easier said than done for companies in the state...

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    1. There are a lot [of companies] that have said they are not able to meet that particular deadline but have every intention of complying.
    2. Having diverse life experience and diverse backgrounds and perspectives improve the deliberation and discussions in the boardroom, which leads to better decision-making.
    3. There have been numerous objections to this bill, and serious legal concerns have been raised.
    4. What that's doing is essentially creating a quota, saying you have to have x-number of self-identified females at the exclusion of everybody else, which would be self-identified males and individuals who don't identify as female.
    5. By increasing the information about governance practices, board practices, board composition, it allows for investors, employees, other stakeholders to be aware of the diversity in the boardroom so they can make an informed decision.
    6. The question is, why do we care about diversity? Do we care about it to say females are on boards, or do we think there are important benefits to women on boards?
    7. The legislatures are basically responding to something that is already happening in society, by investors.
    8. The market is slowly taking care of this problem on its own.
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