1. Teamsters Again Push for FedEx to Reveal More Lobbying Activity

    Teamsters Again Push for FedEx to Reveal More Lobbying Activity

    The board of directors says “ample public information exists regarding FedEx's political contributions and lobbying expenditures to alleviate the ...

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    1. We ethically and constructively promote legislative and regulatory actions that further the business objectives of FedEx and attempt to protect FedEx from unreasonable, unnecessary or burdensome legislative or regulatory actions at all levels of government.
    2. Our industry's increased pressure to improve delivery speedĀ and efficiency can often conflict with employee well-being by increasing stress and jeopardizing safety.
    3. Giving non-management employees priority in the director nomination process would seriously undercut the role of the Nominating & Governance Committee and the Board in one of the most crucial elements of corporate governance, the election of directors.
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