1. Clariant CEO Exits Abruptly, Renewing Turmoil at Swiss Group

    Clariant CEO Exits Abruptly, Renewing Turmoil at Swiss Group

    ZURICH (Reuters) - Ernesto Occhiello had three tasks when he became Clariant's boss last September: restore calm after an activist investor uprising, oversee a tie-up with Saudi Basic Industries <2010.SE> and keep the peace with Chairman Hariolf Kottmann. Just 10 months later, Occhiello has quit as chief executive "for personal reasons with immediate effect", the specialty chemicals maker said on Wednesday, raising speculation the Italian failed on at least one of those fronts...

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    1. We regret the resignation of Ernesto Occhiello as he had a good reputation in the chemical industry and started several important transformation steps at Clariant.
    2. Occhiello would have been conflicted.
    3. Clariant will continue to implement its strategy.
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