1. Vestwell Adds Two Female Fintech Leaders to its Board

    Vestwell Adds Two Female Fintech Leaders to its Board

    Lori Hardwick, one of the original partners of Envestnet and former BNY Mellon Pershing chief operating officer, is joining the board of directors of ...

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    1. I've known Lori for a long time, going back to the Envestnet days.
    2. We consider Vestwell to be a great partner, but we have never discussed, nor are we contemplating, any kind of merger, acquisition or other strategic transaction at this time.
    3. I was drawn to Vestwell because it has developed a modern and intuitive interface that empowers advisers to more efficiently manage customized retirement plans.
    4. All I can really say is there has been a lot of thought capital employed on the Goldman side to the retirement space.
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