1. Multiple Wells Fargo Shareholders Kicked out of Rowdy Meeting

    Multiple Wells Fargo Shareholders Kicked out of Rowdy Meeting

    Wells Fargo's annual shareholder meeting was repeatedly interrupted on Tuesday by angry shareholders protesting the scandal-ridden bank's consumer abuses. Countless shareholders were asked by Wells Fargo interim CEO Allen Parker to leave the Dallas meeting after making outbursts. "Wells Fargo, you cannot be trusted!" one unidentified woman said before being asked to leave...

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    1. Wells Fargo, you cannot be trusted!
    2. I'm going to have to ask you to leave the meeting if you cannot allow me to finish and continue in a respectful manner.
    3. One of the wonderful things about shareholder democracy in our country is that we have meetings like this.
    4. I'm committed to addressing the mistakes of the past.
    5. The role of CEO of Wells Fargo should attract the top talent in banking.
    6. I've heard many more stories of retaliation
    7. It simply will not be tolerated if it comes to our attention.
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