1. Russell 3000 Boards On Pace to Achieve Gender Parity by 2034

    Russell 3000 Boards On Pace to Achieve Gender Parity by 2034

    The Equilar Gender Diversity Index (GDI) has now increased for a fifth straight quarter. The percentage of women on Russell 3000 boards increased from 18.0% to 18.5% in Q4 2018. This acceleration once again moved the needle, pushing the GDI to 0.37, where 1.0 represents parity among men and women on corporate boards across the Russell 3000...

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    1. It's safe to say that the percentage of public companies headquartered in California that do not have any women on their boards will decrease significantly.
    2. Negative votes from these investors against board directors, particularly against those serving as nominating or governance board chair, can damage the company's reputation and potentially affect future board composition.
    3. In addition to external focuses, companies are beginning to better understand the long-term value a diverse board can bring to their company in establishing a successful corporate strategy.
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