1. Condé Nast Appoints Former Pandora Chief As Its New CEO

    Condé Nast Appoints Former Pandora Chief As Its New CEO

    Roger Lynch succeeds departing CEO Bob Sauerberg, and will head a combined company that includes Condé Nast US and Condé Nast International...

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    1. After conducting a thorough search for an executive to run the combined Condé Nast US and Condé Nast International, we believe Roger is the right person to lead Condé Nast during our new phase of global integration, growth and transformation.
    2. What impressed us most about Roger was his passion for great journalism, magazines that make a difference, and brands that have exceptional potential for growth. Roger will build on the outstanding work of Bob Sauerberg and Jonathan Newhouse in extending our print brands into digital video, data and experiences.
    3. I have long admired the extraordinary, award-winning content produced by Condé Nast.
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