1. How These Corporations Are Shrinking The Pay Gap And Making Equal Pay Real

    How These Corporations Are Shrinking The Pay Gap And Making Equal Pay Real

    While the shift is small, growing data suggests that the gender pay gap in the United States is shrinking for some women. I talked to executives from Starbucks, McAfee and Credit Karma to find out how they and other industry leaders are making equal pay and role-based compensation a new reality...

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    1. Our CEO wants diversity as a business level metric against bookings and revenue and all those things that we grade our performance on.
    2. It's important to know that I can at anytime talk to our employees and look them in the eyes and say, we pay men and women equally at McAfee.
    3. I've been passionate about tying people's understanding of how they're paid to their actual work, and want to make sure that people understand that connection.
    4. If we know that we have nine people who are all doing the same software engineer job, who do exactly the same thing, why aren't we paying them exactly the same?
    5. We did a monthly town hall where we walked everybody through the changes, including why we did the changes, and showed what the data was that led us to do these changes. We had a real conversation about how compensation works.
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