1. Billion-Dollar Award Made a CEO Uneasy. Now He's Fixing It

    Billion-Dollar Award Made a CEO Uneasy. Now He's Fixing It

    (Bloomberg) -- The prospect of a billion-dollar windfall left Rick Smith uneasy. It crept up on the chief executive officer in February, while he was telling employees about an audacious goal to grow Taser-maker Axon Enterprise Inc., the firm he founded in 1993, by more than fivefold over the next decade. If they could pull it off, shareholders would see handsome returns and Smith would pocket about $1.3 billion through a radical compensation plan...

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    1. It was really exciting, but there was this awkward moment when I was standing there talking to everyone about my compensation.
    2. I'm one of these optimistic capitalists -- when you do it right, you should divvy up gains between your customers, shareholders and employees.
    3. This plan does recognize that scale is about the team and not just one person.
    4. This will open us up to the financial adventurists who want to take risk and be action drivers.
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