1. Adviser Backs Paulson’s Proposals in Detour Proxy Fight

    Adviser Backs Paulson’s Proposals in Detour Proxy Fight

    Proxy adviser Glass Lewis on Wednesday backed Paulson & Co.’s call to overhaul Detour Gold Corp.’s board, days after another adviser stopped short of recommending more aggressive changes demanded by the activist investor. Detour’s existing management has been resisting Paulson’s push for a board shakeup and the immediate dismissal of interim chief executive officer Michael Kenyon and chairman Alex Morrison. Paulson has about 6 per cent stake in Detour...

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    1. We ultimately see validity in Paulson's central thesis that, for substantive change to take hold at the company, certain of the core and long-term directors who have presided over value destruction and overseen technical failures of prior mine plans need to be replaced.
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