1. Some Directors Forget How Many Boards They Sit On in Hong Kong

    Some Directors Forget How Many Boards They Sit On in Hong Kong

    (Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong legislator Abraham Shek sits on so many corporate boards that he sometimes can’t keep track of the exact number. Shek in an interview said he’s on "15 or 16 myself" and rejected any suggestion that this could leave him over-extended. “Some people are very efficient in reading documents,” he said...

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    1. It's a concern when we see someone on 10 or 11 boards.
    2. Where a director sits on too many boards, particularly if they are listed companies' boards, it is questionable whether they would be able to devote sufficient time to their duties in respect of each issuer on whose board they sit.
    3. There are so many candidates out there, why keep on going to the same people?
    4. Probably those people who make suggestions, they take a long time to understand problems.
    5. So far as the company is willing and the person is able to perform, I don't think it will be a problem.
    6. The idea that a responsible individual would think that they could fulfill their obligations easily and serve on more than five boards really strains belief.
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