1. How the CEO Behind Applebee's and IHOP Pulled off a Shocking Turnaround in Just a Year

    How the CEO Behind Applebee's and IHOP Pulled off a Shocking Turnaround in Just a Year
    • Steve Joyce has led Applebee's and IHOP on impressive comebacks since taking over as CEO of parent company Dine Brands in September 2017.
    • Since Joyce took over, the Dollarita kicked off a cheap drinks revolution at Applebee's, while IHOP redefined what it means for a campaign to go viral with its polarizing IHOb name change.
    • Joyce spoke with Business Insider last week about changing the company's culture, making comebacks, planning new brands for Dine, and much more...
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    1. We can see it in our engagement surveys that people are saying.
    2. I think we can get 30-40 million impressions on this.
    3. Only an idiot would mess with an iconic brand like IHOP.
    4. They have reinvented social media for the next decade.
    5. Guys, we can keep doing what we're doing, and probably end up with the same result, or we can try something really different.
    6. Well I don't like Applebee's, but dollar margaritas, I'm in!
    7. We want to interact with the server.
    8. Look, this is all we need to do to get that one more visit.
    9. This is the best convention we've ever been to.
    10. You know what, hold on. I'm going to put you through.
    11. Look, if you want to work an extra half hour a day and take Friday afternoon off, we're going to let you do that.
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