1. Undervalued Hexo Drawing Interest From Pot Rivals, Activist Says

    Undervalued Hexo Drawing Interest From Pot Rivals, Activist Says

    Hexo Corp., which sped up the race for cannabis-infused beverages by partnering with Molson Coors Brewing Co. in August, is attracting interest from competitors after an activist investor publicly urged it to consider a sale. Riposte Capital published a letter in September criticizing Hexo’s “severely depressed valuation” despite its joint venture with Molson Coors and its supply contract with Quebec, estimated to be worth $1 billion...

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    1. We've received feedback from some companies that applauded our letter and in one case the CEO told us we were right on the money and he sent it to his board.
    2. The impression we get is that they are without a doubt seriously taking our suggestion and our recommendation.
    3. Our issue with Hexo is they have a lot of ambitions to grow
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