1. New Tesla Chair Must Rein in CEO Musk at Key Moment

    New Tesla Chair Must Rein in CEO Musk at Key Moment

    WASHINGTON (AP) — It won’t be an easy job.

    Whoever becomes the new chairman of Tesla Motors will face the formidable task of reining in Elon Musk, the charismatic, visionary chief executive with an impulsive streak, while also helping Musk achieve his dream of turning Tesla into a profitable, mass-market producer of environmentally-friendly electric cars...

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    1. Musk is an iconic entrepreneur but he needs adult supervision.
    2. The board is truly the alpha chapter of the Elon Musk fan club.
    3. In a typical case, the CEO is a high-priced employee
    4. This humiliation — that Elon can't go outside unless he's on a leash — that will bother him the most.
    5. I think this experience has shown him that however smart he is, or however powerful he thinks he is, the government is also powerful too.
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