1. Amalgamated Bank Board of Directors Welcomes New Board Members

    Amalgamated Bank Board of Directors Welcomes New Board Members

    NEW YORK, Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amalgamated Bank announced today the appointment of Maryann Bruce and Patricia Diaz Dennis to its Board of Directors. This follows the Bank’s recent closing of its initial public offering, which took place on August 13, 2018. Ms. Diaz Dennis brings decades of corporate experience to Amalgamated’s Board of Directors. Ms. Diaz Dennis joined SBC Communications in 1995 as a Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel...

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    1. Both Maryann and Patricia bring a wealth of valuable experience and expertise to Amalgamated's Board of Directors. We will benefit from their deep industry knowledge, management capabilities, and commitment to responsible and transparent corporate governance. We are pleased to welcome them to our Board.
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