1. Evaluating Board Portal Solutions

    Evaluating Board Portal Solutions

    Technology has evolved the way boardrooms manage mission critical initiatives. Unlike traditional boardroom meetings that took place in person, technology has introduced board portals which allow board members to interact online or via tablet. In the healthcare industry, where efficiency and security are critical, board portals provide ease of use, transparency, and high levels of security. The healthcare industry has some additional concerns to worry about such as patient information and confidentiality that can often hinder them from changing current board processes. As technology continues to play a large role in the boardroom, organizations can often be left wondering if they should build their own portal or go paperless. If they choose the latter, they are left with various vendors who all promise the same value proposition. To ensure you make the right decision and have a smooth transition, proper evaluation is key to saving you time before diving in head first.

    When you decide that a portal is in your board’s best interest there are a lot of tools and materials to guide you in the right direction.  The internet is full of papers, blogs, case studies, and statistics, enough to make any organization question, “Where do we start?” Most portals will offer live screen share demonstration to give you access to what their portals have to offer. 

    The first step should be scheduling these demonstrations with vendors. They can take between 15 minutes to an hour. It is important that you are able to see a live version of the portal. Purchasing a system without seeing it in action will be like buying a car without a least a test drive first.

    Now that you have some demonstrations scheduled, how will you evaluate them? The evaluation checklist  contains the most popular features that today’s top portals offer. Using it during the demonstrations will give you a good baseline for side by side comparisons.

    Transitioning to new technology can be a nerve wracking experience but using the evaluation checklist can ensure that you are looking for the same features from each vendor - giving you an easy, detailed comparison and avoiding confusion and long pages of notes. The decision process should be transparent and seamless, and this tool can be a helpful resource for a streamlined transition.

    To learn more about Directors Desk board portal, visit us at www.directorsdesk.com

    Kevin Asuncion
    Managing Director, Product Owner
    NASDAQ OMX I Directors Desk

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