1. 'Nonprofit in Name Only:' Grand Canyon University's Conversion Criticized

    'Nonprofit in Name Only:' Grand Canyon University's Conversion Criticized

    Two years ago, Grand Canyon University President Brian Mueller was fuming. The for-profit university had been blocked by its accreditor after an attempt to convert to a nonprofit institution...

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    1. No other university in the country has its CEO working for its contractor and for itself.
    2. Such dual roles are permitted under guidelines adopted by the Higher Learning Commission.
    3. This is very mainstream in higher education today.
    4. You're trading one kind of risk for another.
    5. There's a ton that's tied up with Brian Mueller, all the way around.
    6. This is an organization that is a nonprofit in name only.
    7. We have lots of evidence that consumers believe nonprofits act differently than for-profits.
    8. The University supports measures that ensure educational institutions are meeting recognized standards — particularly as it relates to student support services, academic integrity and financial transparency — and believes those measures should apply to all institutions (for-profit and nonprofit).
    9. As each of us evolves, we see opportunities to work together across a spectrum of activities in academics and athletics.
    10. We do not have any comment to the New Times.
    11. They pulled it off, and it's definitely a huge coup for them.
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