1. It's Time for Corporate Boards to Tackle #MeToo

    It's Time for Corporate Boards to Tackle #MeToo

    Even at the very top of American business, people hesitate to openly discuss sexual harassment. An April 2018 Boardlist survey revealed 57% of board members said their group still hadn't discussed sexism at work or the far-reaching impact of the #MeToo movement...

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    1. The numbers are showing that the majority of boards don't necessarily view culture as a strategic lever for the company.
    2. If it's not on the agenda, I think that's a potential risk issue for a company.
    3. The world I grew up in, boards functioned behind a curtain.
    4. One director told us he learned more about company culture while walking around the operations floor than he did in the boardroom.
    5. Part of it is stepping back to have obviously the right processes, but part of it is having the right people, so we feel comfortable talking about it.
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