1. AthenaHealth Soars After Elliott Management Makes $6.9 Billion Buyout Offer

    AthenaHealth Soars After Elliott Management Makes $6.9 Billion Buyout Offer
    • Elliott Management has made a $160-per-share cash offer for AthenaHealth, the hedge fund confirmed Monday.
    • Shares of Athena spiked more than 25% on the news.
    • Follow the stock in real-time here.

    Shares of AthenaHealth spiked nearly 25% Monday morning after Paul Singer's Elliott Management hedge fund made a cash offer of $160 per share — worth $6.9 billion — for the embattled healthcare IT company...

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    1. We believe that AthenaHealth has great potential with a differentiated opportunity to fundamentally change the Healthcare IT (HCIT) industry.
    2. For many years, despite all of its advantages, AthenaHealth's stock price has underperformed because the Company has failed to correct a host of identifiable operational issues.
    3. The private market is an ideal setting for AthenaHealth and its employees to focus on long-term strategic initiatives and pursue the Company's broader mission without the distraction of quarterly reporting.
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