1. Riding the Mobile Technology Wave in the Boardroom – Kevin Asuncion

    Riding the Mobile Technology Wave in the Boardroom – Kevin Asuncion

    As technology continues to evolve it plays an integral role in augmenting Board Members’ fiduciary responsibilities in overseeing an organization’s strategic and tactical initiatives.  To be an effective board member that adds true value, there should be a high level of responsiveness, workflow efficiency and full engagement before, during, and after meetings. The introduction of Mobile applications for Board members provides solutions to these needs.  Mobile devices have become a leading solution for optimizing board meetings and accessing data securely because they:

    1.       Facilitate effective oversight of internal processes  and compliance controls

    2.       Increase the speed of communication and engagement from the Corporate Secretarial staff to Board Members and  Key Executives

    3.       Provide a cost effective solution to manage expenses related to Board Meetings and functions 

    Mobile technology continues to be a crucial part of any organization’s ecosystem and over the past several years has become especially important in the boardrooms across the globe.  As companies continue to embrace new technology and applications across their business lines, they also must bear in mind that providing options is essential. Recently Microsoft released its own tablet called Surface™ which coincided with their release of their new operating system, Windows8, further evidencing that Mobile is here to stay both at the enterprise level as well as inside the Boardroom. 


    At NASDAQ OMX we have developed mobile apps with tech savvy board member in mind. Aside from the Directors Desk HD iPad app, we also have recently released the Directors Desk Windows 8 Edition Mobile App because we understand that board members require options. Board members have the option to use an iPad or any Windows8 powered mobile devices when preparing for or reviewing materials within the meetings. The new Directors Desk Windows 8 Edition Mobile App is designed to enable anytime mobile access to the board meeting information as well as voting, making annotations to the documents, viewing materials, searching or reading documents in different formats (PDFs, OneNote files) all on the Tablet. The Application streamlines the director board meeting experience by keeping all documentation in one central and secure location.  For any Board Member that is more familiar with and comfortable with Microsoft products and operating systems, this is a great alternative option. 


    When managing board meetings, board members not riding the mobile technology wave should begin thinking how to work smarter not harder and leveraging mobile devices is the answer. 



    To learn more about Directors Desk board portal, visit us at www.directorsdesk.com


    Kevin Asuncion 
    Managing Director, Product Owner 
    NASDAQ OMX I Directors Desk


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