1. Shareholders Amp Up Pressure on AMP Board

    Shareholders Amp Up Pressure on AMP Board

    Pressure is mounting on the AMP board as investors are lining up against the re-election of directors and the company’s proposed executive pay package at the annual general meeting next month. The Australian Shareholders’ Association is the latest to announce it plans to wield votes against the company at its May 10 meeting in the wake of damning evidence at the Hayne royal commission...

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    1. She is the chairman, the chairman has the responsibility, the chairman gets the big bucks, the chairman is there to make sure that the company follows policy, has good corporate governance and has oversight over the senior executives.
    2. That has nothing to do with what happened at the [royal] commission, we would have been voting against it anyhow.
    3. The only people we can vote on are those who are up for election and as it happens two of them are women.
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