1. Icahn, Deason Step Up Xerox Battle With New Investor Letter

    Icahn, Deason Step Up Xerox Battle With New Investor Letter

    The acrimonious fight over the future of Xerox Corp. looks set to worsen after two of its largest shareholders, activist investor Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason, released a report alleging widespread corporate governance failures in the way the company negotiated its $6.1 billion sale to Fujifilm Holdings Corp...

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    1. Both the substance of the proposed value-destroying transaction and the conflict-tainted process by which it was hatched are an insult to long-suffering Xerox shareholders and make a mockery of well-established corporate governance norms.
    2. Xerox believes Mr. Deason's litigation distorts many of the facts regarding the proposed combination with Fuji Xerox.
    3. Tak, you will see on the internet, that Icahn has publicly called for Xerox to hire a new CEO. This is what we expected. We will finish our mission and win!
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