1. Why Mark Zuckerberg Should Step Down as Facebook CEO

    Why Mark Zuckerberg Should Step Down as Facebook CEO

    That would please corporate governance critics who have called for Facebook to separate the roles of chairman and CEO, while Facebook engineers could be contented that the hacker-in-chief still reigns at One Hacker Way. And it would salve politicians who are unsatisfied when anyone but the boss ...

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    1. The problems at Facebook are inherent in the advertising business model.
    2. Mark and Sheryl know how serious this situation is and are working with the rest of Facebook leadership to build stronger user protections. They have built the company and our business and are instrumental to its future.
    3. What I would really like to do is find a way to get our policies set in the way that reflects the values of the community so I'm not the one making those decisions.
    4. I believe that Mark and Sheryl are capable of fixing Facebook.
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