1. Broadcom-Qualcomm: What's the Fallout of Epic Takeover Battle?

    Broadcom-Qualcomm: What's the Fallout of Epic Takeover Battle?

    In early voting, a significant number of Qualcomm shareholders reportedly cast ballots supporting Tan's candidates for Qualcomm board of directors , ... That announcement came just after Jacobs told board members he wanted to take Qualcomm private, a move that analysts dismissed as a long shot...

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    1. In general terms, I think the new administration relative to China and telecommunications has been reluctant to support any Chinese vendor in the wireless space being in the U.S. market.
    2. We have deployment in a number of enterprises, including government.
    3. If there is no longer a major U.S. chip manufacturer that is on the cutting edge, that is a significant disadvantage to the U.S. government and domestic tech companies that rely on these U.S. suppliers for trusted components.
    4. If the NXP deal were to be blocked by China (perhaps due to trade retaliation) that would lower the floor for the stock.
    5. We don't expect investors to sit still and accept the status quo.
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