1. Chief Executive Opens the Door to GE Breakup

    Chief Executive Opens the Door to GE Breakup

    Could the sun finally be setting on the General Electric empire? Chief executive John Flannery on Tuesday raised the prospect of ending GE’s long life as one of the world’s best-known industrial conglomerates by floating the idea of spinning off one or more of its remaining three core businesses into separately traded companies. The breakup of the company born in Thomas Edison’s labs is one of the more radical ...

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    1. The conglomerate model . . . that's going the way of the dodo bird.
    2. It's a kind of thing that could result in many, many different permutations, including separately traded assets really in any of our units, if that's what made sense.
    3. It's giving in to short-term thinking of investors.
    4. From a Wall Street perspective, you could break up GE.
    5. Trian doesn't care whether there is a great technology company called GE.
    6. Their commitment was made earlier, when they were in a stronger position financially.
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