1. Thyssenkrupp Shareholder Criticises CEO, Demands Restructuring

    Thyssenkrupp Shareholder Criticises CEO, Demands Restructuring

    Thyssenkrupp shareholder criticises CEO, demands restructuring * Activist investor hits out ahead of AGM * Cevian controls 18 percent of German industrial group * CEO expected to defend record - Spiegel cites sources (Adds detail from Spiegel article) FRANKFURT, Jan 13 (Reuters) - A major shareholder in Thyssenkrupp has criticised Chief Executive Heinrich Hiesinger for failing to achieve his own profit targets, raising tensions before the German industry group's annual meeting next Friday...

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    1. Thyssenkrupp is not developing in the way we expected. Something has to change in the structure of the business.
    2. Even today, the company is still achieving just half of its margin target. That is simply too little.
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