1. Board Guru™ on: this week’s best corporate governance resources.

    Board Guru™ on: this week’s best corporate governance resources.

    M&A Outlook: Overcast, but Clearing  

    “Boards ought to be prepared and ensure that management has an inorganic growth strategy,” says Rich Jeanneret, Americas vice chair of Transaction Advisory Services at Ernst& Young in New York. “They not only need to have the strategy understood and supported by the board, but also they ought to be looking at where there targets should be: geographically, by sector, by product. That way, when a company has a significant asset acquisition to do, you are not debating those things at that point.” Other questions should include such things as:

    What businesses need to be enhanced or added?

    Is the balance sheet ready? Is fresh capital available?

    Is the company prepared to deal with all the integration issues?


    Leadership Presence and Strategic Engagement:

    In the business world, it's a distinct advantage to have a brain that anticipates future demands and negotiates them well.

    •  Give your brain a rich bank of life experiences. Expose it to diverse environments and situations. Increasing the breadth of your experiences provides richer information for your brain to draw on as it helps you anticipate new situations.
    • Give yourself periods of relatively uninterrupted thought during which you let your mind wander. Doing this gives the brain's memory system extra time to recombine your prior experiences in ways that can help you envision future possibilities.


    Notes from The Winner’s Brain by Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske


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