1. Broadcom, AT&T and Disney Will Definitely Bring Deal Drama in 2018

    Broadcom, AT&T and Disney Will Definitely Bring Deal Drama in 2018

    Even though 2018 has just begun, deal drama is already running high. Broadcom Inc. ( AVGO ) is attempting to replace the board of Qualcomm Inc. ( QCOM ) in a hostile takeover attempt , while the trial for the Department of Justice's lawsuit blocking AT&T Inc.'s ( T ) merger with Time Warner Inc. ( TWX ) will gets under way in the coming months.

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    1. I think the Qualcomm-NXP transaction eventually happens, likely at a higher price.
    2. I see little reason for the Broadcom transaction to happen anywhere near the price Broadcom is offering.
    3. DOJ always bears the burden in court.
    4. It honestly appears as if President Trump's personal views of CNN (bad) and Fox News (good) are the key drivers behind his administration's antitrust policy.
    5. A merger of Disney and Fox will most certainly lead to higher consumer prices, bigger and fatter video bundles, less upstart (streaming video and online cable channel) competition and a meaningful reduction in jobs.
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