1. Former Orbitz CEO Barney Harford Is Uber’s New Chief Operating Officer

    Former Orbitz CEO Barney Harford Is Uber’s New Chief Operating Officer

    Post Send Barney Harford , the former chief executive officer of online travel site Orbitz, has been named chief operating officer at Uber Technologies Inc. , making him the second-highest ranking executive at the ride-hailing company. Harford, who sits on the board of airline company United Continental Holdings Inc., will oversee global ride-hailing operations, marketing, customer support, and the company’s food-delivery business...

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    1. There is a broader societal benefit here and fundamentally that's the kind of thing I'm attracted to.
    2. Dara and I were both super competitive.
    3. Obviously Uber is a large global complex business and these two have both proven their intellectual and leadership chops in large global businesses.
    4. Having someone who thinks obsessively about the right business model, the right pricing strategy, all those things are super, super valuable.
    5. This is a business that is at really substantial scale that continues to grow really attractively. It's a business where the focus really has been on growth rather than making the business function more efficiently, more effectively.
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