1. Why Wall Street’s Finally Pushing to Add Women on Boards

    Why Wall Street’s Finally Pushing to Add Women on Boards

    The big money on Wall Street is finally throwing its weight behind boardroom diversity. After years of fits and starts, mutual-fund giants including BlackRock Inc. , Vanguard Group Inc. and State Street Corp. are embracing shareholder proposals to add more women and minorities as directors. This may signal a tipping point for the decades-long struggle for greater representation...

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    1. Five years ago, people thought we were mildly eccentric and tree huggers.
    2. In some cases, you get the feeling that nothing is going to change unless you vote against management.
    3. More than 50 percent of household wealth is managed by women.
    4. We expect boards to focus on it as well, and their demonstration of meaningful progress over time will inform our engagement voting.
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