1. BlackRock, Vanguard on the way to Dominate Investing

    BlackRock, Vanguard on the way to Dominate Investing

    Amassing that sum will likely upend the asset management industry, intensify the companies' ownership of the largest U.S. corporations and test the twin pillars of market efficiency and corporate governance . None other than Vanguard founder Jack Bogle is raising the prospect that too much money is in ...

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    1. That's about 20% owned by this oligopoly of three.
    2. Growth is not a goal, nor do we make projections about future growth.
    3. As BlackRock and Vanguard grow, and as money flows from active to large passive investors, their percentage share of every firm increases.
    4. We've put more and more efforts behind it but we've always had a substantial effort.
    5. Given that they've grown so big because their fees are so small, these are the kinds of monopolies that don't keep me up at night.
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