1. Middle Market CFO Pay Increases Outpaced CEO Pay

    Middle Market CFO Pay Increases Outpaced CEO Pay

    This year, compensation for the middle market executive fluctuated across company sizes and industries. According to the BDO 600: 2017 Survey of CEO and CFO Compensation Practices of Middle Market Public Companies , pay for CEOs increased at companies in the smallest revenue range. Meanwhile, CFO increases occurred at the small and midsized company level...

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    1. In today's business and legislative environment, decisions in the C-Suite are increasingly under a microscope, especially when it comes to compensation and pay.
    2. Following the election of President Trump near the end of 2016, a greater emphasis was placed on American manufacturing. We'll be watching to see if this influence has any sort of impact on compensation next year, and whether the industry stays in this upward trend.
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