1. US Investor Pushes for Change at Chinese Tech Giant

    US Investor Pushes for Change at Chinese Tech Giant

    Foreign investors seem less than worried about any lack of control or lapses in corporate governance if the market is any indication. Shares in those ...

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    1. Investors have been getting a bit fed up with companies like Baidu and JD.com not having general meetings.
    2. Investors appreciate our candor both on earnings calls and in engagement throughout the year. This issue has rarely, if ever, been raised to us.
    3. The time, resources and capital invested to pursue a transaction with a high likelihood of failure, rather than accretive and value creating opportunities, is not in the best interests of Sina shareholders.
    4. I think Sina has built in Weibo a very valuable asset that is not being reflected in its share price.
    5. The question is whether that board member would be able to do anything other than jump up and down at meetings.
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