1. Samsung Electronics' CEO Steps Down in a Shocking Resignation

    Samsung Electronics' CEO Steps Down in a Shocking Resignation

    The CEO of Samsung Electronics has stepped down in a shock resignation. It comes despite the South Korean smartphone company forecasting record profits. The heir to the Samsung empire was recently jailed for bribery. Samsung Electronics said on Friday its CEO and Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun plans to step down from management, deepening concerns over a leadership vacuum at the tech giant after group scion Jay Y. Lee was jailed for bribery...

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    1. The timing is nonsensical. Samsung tipped record earnings, it's going to be better in the fourth-quarter, and all that's been driven by Kwon's components business.
    2. Mr Chip start anew with new spirit and young leadership
    3. I'm worried about a leadership vacuum at a time when Lee is absent from management.
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