1. P&G vs. Nelson Peltz: A Battle Over the Future of Big Brands

    P&G vs. Nelson Peltz: A Battle Over the Future of Big Brands

    CINCINNATI -- Procter & Gamble Co., which has suffered through a decade of market-share losses and stagnating profits, hopes it's redemption lies in a koala-shaped maxi pad. Called the "Koala HuHu," the extra-long overnight pad launched this spring in China. Part of P&G's giant Whisper brand -- which is called Always in the U.S. and elsewhere -- it targets teenage girls with cartoon marsupials snoozing on the box, and is beating rivals despite commanding higher prices...

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    1. All the action today is local. It's these small brands. It's what the millennials want.
    2. Declaring big brands dead and buried just because there is new media and a new generation is wrong.
    3. Either your dishes are clean or they aren't.
    4. When something went wrong, it wasn't clear who or where
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