1. Activist iInvestors are Taking Aim at U.S. Shale Producers

    Activist iInvestors are Taking Aim at U.S. Shale Producers

    Activist investors are taking aim at U.S. shale producers, the companies most responsible for turning the nation into a global energy powerhouse, pushing them to stop rewarding executives for spending billions of dollars on new wells when crude prices are depressed. U.S. crude output has surged past 9 million barrels a day largely because of the shale sector, whose output this year is up 27.5 percent...

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    1. Management teams have been rewarded far too long for destroying value.
    2. It has always been EQT's philosophy to align its compensation programs with shareholder value creation.
    3. We believe Range's approach creates a strong alignment of both long and short-term incentives with the creation of shareholder value.
    4. We believe the industry is on the cusp of a gradual, long overdue shift to returns-focused investing.
    5. Noble Energy referred requests for comment to a regulatory filing in which it said Stover's pay encouraged
    6. This is a core part of who we are as a company, always thinking about our investors' money.
    7. This is fertile ground for activist investors.
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