1. DowDupont Sets Restructuring Just Weeks After Forming

    DowDupont Sets Restructuring Just Weeks After Forming

    In a move that seems to appease Dan Loeb's Third Point LLC DowDupont Inc. ( DWDP ) is reportedly retooling their three-way break-up following the $150 billion merger the companies completed just a short while ago. The company is shifting assets with about $8 billion in revenue and $2.4 billion in Ebitda from the materials spinoff, to the specialty chemicals unit, in a move that will allow the two separate companies to focus on different customers, according to a company statement...

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    1. We were pleased to be part of a dialogue that created such a positive outcome for all of DowDuPont's shareholders.
    2. Our DowDuPont Board is fully aligned and confident that these targeted portfolio adjustments are the right actions to take and will benefit all stakeholders over the long term.
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