1. AIG to Pre-Bailout Paydays for CEO, Top Executives

    AIG to Pre-Bailout Paydays for CEO, Top Executives

    Sykes and others said they have no issue with Brian Duperreault’s handsome pay package, as long as he performs. (Reuters) Top News Gurmeet Massive win for Indian diplomacy: Doklam standoff to end as China agrees to disengage with India American International Group Inc’s new Chief Executive Brian Duperreault has pledged to revive the insurer’s glory days of top talent, underwriting discipline and fat profit margins. One thing he has already brought back: big pay packages...

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    1. He (Duperreault) comes with a visible long-term track record in terms of inspiring the operations and leading the personnel.
    2. We didn't react in a negative way, especially because they're going to make a lot more money if they execute.
    3. If I were a board member, I would be very happy to grant a pay package even more generous than this one, provided it created good incentives.
    4. I'd rather see a package like this on the entry than a golden parachute on the exit.
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